FAQs about the covid-19 health insurance policies: Know the claim process

Posted on May, 2021

Along with the world, India is going through a challenging phase due to the ongoing battle with Coronavirus. Since the pandemic started in March 2020, the uncertainty around its repercussions, both on physical and financial health, have been perplexing. Although the IRDA has made it compulsory to include COVID-19 claims in every health insurance policy, most people have little knowledge of the overall claim procedure.

Here are answers to some of the most common FAQs regarding COVID-19 health insurance policies in India.

Q.1: I already have a health insurance policy. Will it cover Covid-19 related expenses?

Ans: Yes, your policy will cover hospitalisation expenses, ambulance expenses, at-home treatment for 14 days (by some insurers) and pre and post hospitalisation for 14 and 30 days, respectively. However, the insurance company may cap these expenses to a specific amount.

Q.2: If I get a Covid-19 test done, is it covered under the health Insurance policy?

Ans: Outside of hospitalisation, your policy will only cover diagnostic costs if it includes OPD claims. In case the diagnostic test is done during pre and post hospitalisation, the policy covers all the diagnostic tests expenses.

Q.3: Apart from the traditional health insurance policies, are there any specific Covid-19 related health insurance policies?

Ans: Yes, the IRDA has launched COVID-19 specific health insurance policies named: Corona Kavach and Corona Rakshak. It is mandatory for every insurance broker and insurance company to sell these policies along with their standard policies.

Q.4: Will I have to pay an extra premium for the coverage related to Covid-19?

Ans: No, there is no extra charge for covering COVID-19 related ailments. The insurance company will charge you the same premium amount as you are currently paying.

Q.5: Will the policy cover medical expenses during the period of quarantine?

Ans: Health Insurance policies will cover COVID-19 related medical expenses during quarantine, provided you submit a positive RT-PCR report along with a government doctor’s prescription certifying the need to be quarantined. The policy will not cover the expenses of Self-quarantine and home isolation if your policy does not have OPD claims.

Q.6: Is there any waiting period for Covid-19 related claims for a new health insurance policy?

Ans: A waiting period of 30 days is applicable for a new retail health insurance policy. In case of renewal and portability, no waiting period is applicable to claim expenses related to COVID-19.

Q.7: Can I claim COVID-19 related expenses for my family members too?

Ans:You can claim COVID-19 related expenses for anyone who is insured under your current health insurance policy. If you are buying a new policy, ensure that the policy covers your family members to make COVID-19 related claims.

Q.8: Will the policy be applicable if I get treated in makeshift Covid hospitals such as grounds, stadiums, temples etc.?

Ans:Yes, your health insurance policy will cover expenses in any makeshift hospital that the central or the state government authorises. However, the policy will only provide cashless treatment if the makeshift hospital is set up by a network provider mentioned in the policy.

Q.9: What is the procedure to file a Coronavirus claim under the health insurance policy?

Ans:The COVID-19 claim process is similar to filing a general claim under your health insurance policy. You can contact your insurance broker or the insurance company to know the exact claim process.

Q.10: What documents will be required to file a coronavirus claim with the insurance company?

The documents required are:

  • All the bill receipts towards treatment or hospitalisation
  • Duly filled claim form
  • COVID-19 test report along with medical prescription
  • Photo ID such as Aadhar card, driver’s licence etc.
  • Cancelled Cheque or bank passbook
  • KYC if the claim amount exceeds INR 1 lakh

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