Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance

A growing business requires smooth functioning and constant cash inflows. Financial burdens may arise in case of faulty debtors in case of selling goods on credit. This is where having a trade credit insurance is vital for businesses working on credit payments. A trade credit insurance enables a business to continue functioning smoothly in case of unforeseen failure of one or more customers. This may be a result of insolvency, unwillingness to pay or delayed payments on the debtor's end.

Having credit insurance is not a fixed solution but provides financial relief to the business. We, at Pinc Insurance, have a comprehensive understanding of credit risk management. Our team of underwriters successfully mitigate risks basis the client’s business records and provide them with customized insurance solutions.

This policy covers:

  • Understanding your business and designing customized policy.
  • We can arrange trade credit for domestic sales as well as exports.
  • We provide placement support, servicing and, claim settlement.

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