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Frequently asked questions

The Motor Vehicles Act 2019, requires every vehicle on the road, to own a valid third-party insurance cover. This cover pays for injuries, loss of life and damage to goods of a third person, caused during the accident. A motor insurance will help you with financial protection to the car and cover the damages incurred to driver, passengers or passer-by’s, during the course of the accident. It also pays for damages caused across accidents, wreckage, burglary, man-made/ natural disasters, fire, and third-party liability.
We are insurance brokers, in the industry for the last 17 years.We are your first stop for any query related to insurance.

Other Reasons:

  • We are brokers and not aggregators, servicing you throughout all your claim initiations, claim grievance, policy purchase,policy renewal and any other insurance aspect.
  • We have a network of insurance companies that will get you multiple options and pricings to choose from, depending on your type of coverages and other details.
  • We are risk advisors simplifying insurance for you.
  • We are more than happy to pass on exclusive and exciting discounts to our customers.
No. We are Insurance Brokers. We receive a paid commission for every policy that we sell from the Insurance companies. It also means that you receive all the additional services at no extra cost. We are always on the Customers Side with no biases to the Insurance companies.
We help you make that informed choice through complete handholding. Insurance is no longer complex if issued by us.We’ve got you covered!
Reach out to us on our toll-free number and inform us about the claim you want to report, address or discuss. Our risk advisors will help you through the entire process. We will handhold you and escalate matters if need be.