Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance

Most businesses of various natures often have a large number of vehicles at their disposal to enable smooth functioning. While there are manufacturing setups that may require commercial trucks to transport resources, service sector businesses may own a fleet of cars that are offered as perks to the employees. All these vehicles are to be covered together under one policy – motor fleet insurance.

We, at Pinc Insurance, specialize in mitigating the risks of our clients and providing them with the best solutions for their requirements. Our long-standing industry experience and choice of insurance companies have helped our clients in selecting the right policy for their motor fleet. We have a dedicated team of claim assistance experts who act as personal advisors to the clients in case of any accidents or emergencies. We help you get insurance against your company-owned or leased vehicles and also private vehicles that are driven by company employees for business purposes.

This policy covers:

  • One policy for all vehicles
  • Cover against loss or damage to vehicles
  • Covers fire, burglary, accidents, natural calamities and other unforeseen situations
  • Third party injury, damage or death
  • Provides coverage for the insurer/driver
  • Rationalised premiums that lower costs

The Pinc Advantage

  • End-to-end assistance in the choice of premium basis client’s requirements.
  • Choice from a pool of various insurance companies.
  • Rationalised premiums that lower costs.
  • Mobile application-based services for quick and hassle-free settlement of claims.

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