What Is Comprehensive Bike Insurance?

Posted on Mar, 2020
What Is Comprehensive Bike Insurance?
The motorbike is one of the most common vehicles you will see on Indian roads. Available in two categories – scooters and geared bikes, this is the most preferred vehicle, making the life of commuters better. Motorbikes also offer excellent mileage, which makes them ideal vehicles in India, where traffic conditions can affect the bike’s engine. To increase its longevity, bike owners should practice safe riding and even invest in a good, comprehensive bike insurance policy. Here’s what it means to get comprehensive insurance for your bike.

What is comprehensive bike insurance?

Comprehensive insurance policies are those that offer all-round coverage from legal liabilities and financial expenses to the policyholder. Such policies protect you against several different roadside scenarios related to your vehicle – including accidents, vehicle damage, and vehicle theft. These are the kind of insurance policies that policyholders can also customise as per their needs by adding a wide range of additional riders for extra protection.

Basic features of a comprehensive insurance policy – the coverage you can get

As mentioned above, a comprehensive 2 wheeler insurance policy protects policyholders and their vehicles against several incidents. Here are the basic features or coverage offered under this policy.

  • Comprehensive plans cover the policyholder against third party liability owing to accidents caused by the policyholder. The insurer covers the policyholder against legal and financial burdens of the third party injured in the accident and the vehicle damage endured by third party vehicles.
  • The policy covers the policyholder against damage or loss of their bikes in case of natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and other such ‘Acts of God’.
  • Comprehensive motorcycle insurance also covers the policyholder against various incidents categorised as human-made disasters which include vandalism and theft and damage caused to your vehicle in terror activities, strikes, riots and other such events.
  • Such a policy covers damage endured by the insured two-wheeler during the transportation process, i.e. transporting the motorbike via roadways, railways, waterways and airways.

Why is it essential to invest in a comprehensive insurance policy?

The following are some essential reasons why you should opt for comprehensive insurance for your motorbikes.

  • Comprehensive policies provide comprehensive coverage. They protect policyholders and their vehicle against various unfortunate situations which could otherwise come as an added cost to the policyholder.
  • Insurance providers bear a significant chunk of expenses in claims if one’s vehicle is damaged or needs repairs.
  • Comprehensive bike insurance policies offer further protection to policyholders through several additional riders such as emergency roadside assistance, zero depreciation cover, invoice protection cover, accident cover etc.
  • The insurance comes in handy when one is in a stressful situation such as an accident or vehicle damage since the policy offers protection against the legal and financial liabilities of the policyholder.

Buying comprehensive insurance

Buying insurance is rather easy today. You can explore bike insurance options online, with detailed explanation of terms. If you are not that tech-savvy, you can also buy the insurance policy by getting in touch with an insurance broker.

So, if you own a bike, it is recommended that you invest in a comprehensive bike insurance policy. At PINC Insurance, we can help you purchase a policy that meets your insurance needs and suits your budget.