All You Need To Know About Consumables Cover in Bike Insurance

Posted on Oct, 2020

Consumables in bike insurance refer to materials such as screws, nuts, and bolts, lubricants, brake oil, filter, grease, etc. Consumables are not usually a part of the standard comprehensive policy and must be included as an add-on policy. A consumables cover protects you from the expenses arising out of the damaged consumables which may not be used further.

Important factors to claim a Consumable Cover

  • You need to report the damages immediately after the accident and repair the vehicle within 3 days. Your claim might get rejected if it is not repaired within the stipulated 3-day period.
  • Consumables are an add-on cover and they often come under the umbrella of ‘own damage’. It is essential to have an understanding of the policy to make the claim process easier.
  • Important to note is that vehicles that are older than 5 years are not eligible for the consumables cover.
  • You need to have a valid driver’s license and copies of insurance documents. Inability to produce the documents in time of the accident or damage, the consumable cover stands invalid.
  • You will not be able to report the claim for consumables cover if you drive under the influence of alcohol, drive maliciously or your bike breaks down due to the wear and tear or depreciation of the parts.

A consumable cover works like a top-up for your zero depreciation and engine protection add-on. As the normal bike insurance policies do not cover the cost of consumables, a consumables add-on cover comes to the rescue while catering to those extra expenses. In case you need assistance in selecting the right motor insurance policy, you can always reach out to us, at PINC Insurance.