What is Daily Cash Allowance in Bike Insurance

Posted on Oct, 2020

In a bike insurance policy, add-ons are the additional cover that policyholders can take to strengthen the coverage of their insurance plan and to ensure financial protection. It is important to understand that bike insurance add-ons can only be opted with a comprehensive bike insurance policy and standalone own-damage bike insurance policy. A bike insurance policy includes several add-on covers such as zero depreciation cover, no-claim bonus cover, engine protection cover, consumables cover, return to invoice cover and so on. However, for a person who commutes daily on two wheelers, one of the best add-on cover to include in their comprehensive policy is the daily cash allowance add-on cover.

Daily Cash Allowance in Bike Insurance

The daily cash allowance add-on cover is ideal for those who commute daily on two wheelers. In case your bike gets severely damaged and is undergoing repairs at an authorized garage, you may have to incur out-of-pocket expenses to travel through alternate mediums. Adding the daily cash benefit cover to your two-wheeler insurance policy will ensure that your insurer gives you a certain amount of money per day to meet your travel expenses.

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