Engine Protection Cover - What Is Engine Protection Cover In Car Insurance?

Posted on Feb, 2020
What is engine protection cover in car insurance?
While purchasing a car insurance policy, you have two choices – either choose the third party limited liability insurance policy or a comprehensive insurance policy. While the former type of insurance has been made mandatory by the Government of India as per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, the latter is an all-round policy which includes third party insurance, while also providing legal and financial cover. Such plans also come with a wide range of additional riders, one of which is an engine protection cover. Let’s find out more about this in the article.

What is an engine protection cover?

The engine protect in car insurance cover, as the term suggests is a unique add-on rider that covers the costs associated with partial or complete damage of your car’s engine. In case your car’s engine is damaged or destroyed due to natural or human-made conditions, then you can file an insurance claim and get the parts replaced if you have an engine protection add-on rider. Moreover, the rider also covers you for the costs associated with replacing other necessary parts of the engine such as the cylinder head, pins, piston, crankshaft, gearbox, etc., wherein the insurance provider replaces the parts without charging any additional amounts. The engine protection cover is not offered as a part of your third party or a comprehensive insurance policy, which is why you need to purchase it separately as an additional rider.

Instances in which you can file an insurance claim for engine protection

Typically, you can file an insurance claim for engine protection if or when

  • Your vehicle is submerged in water, leading to immediate replacement or repair of engine parts.
  • Your car is affected by water-specific natural calamities such as floods, heavy rainfall, or tsunamis

Apart from the instances mentioned above, you should also check the other situations under which your engine protection claim may be accepted.

Engine protection rider – when are claims accepted and when are they payable?

Now that we know the meaning of engine protect in car insurance, let’s find out the inclusions and exclusions under this add-on rider. Your insurance provider typically approves your car insurance claims if you file for engine protection under the following scenarios:
  • In case your car’s engine is damaged as a result of lubricating oil
  • In case your car’s engine is damaged if its gearbox malfunctions
  • In case your car’s engine is damaged as a result of water ingression
  • In case your car’s Transmission system is damaged

Instances in which engine protection claims are payable

Even if you hold a valid engine protection cover, you may end up paying money out of your pockets if you attempt to drive your car while its bonnet is damaged. Driving a car when the hood is damaged can result in the lubricating oils entering the engine. Insurance providers consider this a deliberate attempt to damage the vehicle, especially when a road accident hasn’t occurred, thus leading to your claim being payable An important thing to remember about engine protection cover is that you can file a claim for engine protection more than once a year. This rider can be purchased when your vehicle is less than 10 years in age.

Buying engine protection – who should invest in this add-on rider?

Engine protection is an add-on rider that all new car owners should consider adding to their comprehensive insurance plan. If you’ve purchased a used car, which is less than five years old, you can consider buying the rider. Apart from new car owners, the other group of people who should consider investing in the engine protection rider include
  • People living in areas where streets are frequently water-logged
  • People living in cities where monsoons are harsh and year-round
  • People living or working in areas close to water bodies
  • People living in flood-prone areas
  • People who own luxury cars
Engine is rightly regarded as its heart in any vehicle, which is why it is always essential to protect it against damage. You can afford this protection to your car by purchasing the engine protection add-on cover.