What is Engine Protection Cover in Bike Insurance?

Posted on Oct, 2020

A standard comprehensive car insurance policy usually does not cover the damages caused to car's engine or its parts such as crankshaft, piston, pins, cylinder, gearbox, etc. Engine protection cover is an add-on rider that covers the costs associated with partial or complete damage of your car’s engine in cases of leakage of lubricating oil, water ingression, hydrostatic lock, etc. The engine protection cover is not offered as a part of your third party or a comprehensive insurance policy, which is why you need to purchase it separately as an additional rider.

Features and Benefits of Engine Protection Add-on

  • Covers the damage due to leakage of lubricating oil.
  • Covers the damage caused due to water entering the car engine.
  • Covers physical damages to components of the engine such as gearbox, pistons, connecting rods, etc.
  • Covers the damages arising out of hydrostatic lock when the water has entered the engine.
  • Beneficial for people staying in flood prone or water-logged areas

The engine is rightly called as the heart of any vehicle, hence all the more necessary to protect your engine with the add-on. To know more about the engine protection add-on cover or purchase bike insurance policy, reach out to us at PINC Insurance.