How To Claim Bike Insurance?

Posted on Mar, 2020
Simple Steps To Claim Bike Insurance
Vehicle insurance is mandatory in India. As per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, all vehicle owners must own either a third party (limited liability) insurance or a comprehensive bike insurance policy. Your insurance policy covers you against various road-side scenarios, including accidents, vehicle damage, vehicle theft, and so on. In such instances, you need to file an insurance claim. Here’s a detailed guide on how to claim bike insurance in different scenarios.

How to claim 2 wheeler insurance in case of vehicle theft?

You must follow these steps while filing an insurance claim for bike theft

1. Register an FIR

You must register a First Inquiry Report or FIR as soon as you notice that your vehicle is missing. Visit your nearest police station to file the FIR and take a copy of the FIR from the police.

2. Inform your insurance company or broker

After lodging the FIR, you need to inform your insurance provider about the theft. You can also notify your insurance broker, who can help you during the claim process. Our relationship managers at PINC Insurance can provide you with all the guidance you need while filing your bike insurance claim.

3. Inform the RTO

The third entity you need to notify about bike theft is the RTO. You need to visit the RTO where your bike was registered. In case the theft occurs in a different city, then you need to visit the nearest RTO in that city and collect a certificate from the RTO.

4. File the insurance claim and submit the necessary documents

You can now begin the procedure to file the insurance claim. You must provide the original insurance policy agreement document along with your driver’s licence, RC book, FIR copy and the RTO certificate. In case the police are is unable to find your bike, they will provide you with a no-trace report, which you must submit with the documents mentioned above. You also need to hand over both sets of original bike keys in case of theft claims.

5. Wait for claim evaluation and reimbursement

After you’ve submitted all documents, the insurer evaluates your claim. If the claim is valid, the insurer will approve your claim within 30 days.

How to claim motorcycle insurance in case of accidents or vehicle damage?

The steps for claiming bike insurance in case of vehicle accident or damage are more or less the same, with only a few differences.

In case of accident or vehicle damage, you need to gather photographic evidence to support your claim, before registering an FIR. You then have to inform the insurance provider, but you do not have to visit the RTO. You have to submit all the documents mentioned above, including the FIR, RC book and driver’s licence along with the photographic evidence. You also have to take your vehicle to the repair facility, where the insurer assesses it, while evaluating your claim. The insurer then reimburses you after considering the damage endured by your vehicle.

Filing an insurance claim can be stressful. If you are confused about how to claim insurance of bike, you can reach out to PINC Insurance for assistance. Our team will handhold you through the entire claim filing process.