Your valuable assets need protection. How can you secure them?

Posted on Jan, 2021

Investments are the wisest of all financial decisions, be it to multiply wealth or into valuable assets such as real estate or collectables. Many collections often take years to curate and amass. Such larger investments require regular care, protection and oversight. Given their high value, it is vital to take an extra step, covering them financially in case of any harm.

But instead of worrying excessively about the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of the process, you can turn to experienced and reliable consultants who design solutions for you based on your unique assets.

Valuable Assets: Demanding Protection

Investments should always be valued at the price of their security!

There is no specific time for an eventuality to occur, and when it does, your beloved belongings can lose their value as a result of damage or theft. The only wise thing, for something so valuable, is to invest a little extra and get an overall protection

Some common assets that are insured by the owners include:

Home and Buildings:

Real estate investments such as Vacation homes, villa, lawns and landscapes, etc.experience constant risk from events such as fire, burglary, allied peril, or natural calamities. Furthermore, homes and buildings demand to be managed with precautionary repairs.

Personal electronics and appliances:

Personal and portable electronics such as Limited edition gadgets, luxury collectables, expensive electronics, custom audio and automation systems etc. in case of accidental damage. Complex tools such as spa systems, lifts, water purification plants, etc., can also be covered through customized insurance policies.


Expensive automobiles such as vintage cars and other luxury vehicles such as boats, yachts, etc through customized automobile covers such as engine cover, depreciation reimbursement, tire cover, emergency transport, servicing and maintenance costs, etc.

Fine Arts and Valuables:

Fine arts such as expensive paintings or antiques and valuables such as jewellery and gems are covered against burglary, damage, or loss of value. Other collectables and accessories, including handbags, shoes, lamps, and items of similar type with high value are also covered.


Financial losses incurred due to theft or loss of debit card, credit card, or financial information. Risk exposure or loss due to forgery or alteration of negotiable documents or cheques is also covered.

The Next Step: Your Approach

If You Can, You Always Should!

There should be no question in the mind of the owners on what to do next after buying a valuable asset. The answer is quite simple, invest in a comprehensive insurance policy to cover every aspect of value attached to the asset. Although it seems simple enough, buying insurance policies for your valuable asset can at times become tricky. As the premium for such policies is on the higher side, it is always advised to consult an insurance broker before you decide your next step. Being an expert in specialized insurance policies, they can help you protect your valuable assets through:

End to End Assistance:

A relationship manager works closely with you to analyze your assets, their coverage needs and is available to provide assistance at any point in time.

Customized Covers:

Irrespective of what the asset or assets are, you are presented with an insurance solution that provides comprehensive coverage to the particular asset or the group of assets. The products are customized to cater to your specific insurance needs.

End to End Servicing:

An innovative process that allows you to choose through a host of customized insurance products specially designed by numerous insurers. It is only after comparing every product that you are presented with the most suitable and ideal insurance policy.

In Closing

It Is Never Too late, Nor Too Early To Buy Insurance!

Valuable assets are not always defined through their current market value, but the sentimental value attached to assets is what makes them priceless. Either way, the assets require an all-inclusive insurance policy to protect them against any harm resulting in financial or emotional distress. Just as health insurance policies are deemed vital for the physical well-being of an individual, a specialized insurance policy is the best way to look after all the valuable assets belonging to you or your family.