Loss of Personal Belongings Cover in Car Insurance

Posted on Oct, 2020

With a comprehensive car insurance policy, you can be sure that your financial losses get covered or at least minimized. But a comprehensive car insurance policy will insure only the vehicle and not any belongings that may have been in the car. This means that you have to pay the loss of belongings from your pocket. In such a scenario, a loss of belongings cover can be of great help. Through this add-on cover, you can insure your belongings at an additional premium.

Exclusions of Loss of Personal Belongings Cover

  • If the car was a borrowed property
  • Any valuables that are not generally carried around by the insured (For example, jewellery always locked in a safe deposit box).
  • Theft of any documents
  • Loss or theft not reported to the police within 24 hours of discovery
  • If the belongings of the policyholder have been entrusted to a third party
  • If the stolen items are not mentioned in the police report
  • If the belongings were left overnight in the car
  • Loss or damage due to wear and tear, climatic conditions, electrical or mechanical failure, etc
  • Any consequential loss or damage (Loss of markets, loss of income, depreciation, reduction in functionality etc.)

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