Risk Exposure Across Industries: How Insurance Policies can help

Posted on Feb, 2021

Industries and the businesses therein are the lifelines of the Indian economy, contributing majorly to its growth and ultimately helping the customers. However, in their quest to add value to the economic system, they have to tackle multiple challenges and risks. These risks are inherent to a company’s operational ecosystem and affect its profitability. Hence, it is vital for the business’s profitable existence to address them through specialized insurance products.

Irrespective of their nature of the business, every industry faces some common risks that can harm their brand value, force them to lose customers and incur huge operational losses. These risks can only be through comprehensive insurance policies designed to help businesses counter external threats. However, to manage the risks, the companies must first identify what the common risks are.

The Common Areas: The factors that must be protected


Infrastructure is fundamental to every business either for operational or manufacturing purposes. Commercial property is needed to host employees, machinery, equipment and products. Infrastructure is prone to multiple risks such as fires, theft, natural calamities etc., that can hurt the business operations and ultimately its profits.

Businesses can look to buy insurance policies related to property such as standard fire and special perils policy, burglary insurance policy, all risk insurance policy, machinery breakdown insurance etc.


Every business deals with clients, manufacturers, customers and other third parties, making them liable to certain kinds of lawsuits from any of the concerned entities. Third parties can sue companies for unethical performance, unsatisfactory work, inherent mistakes or any financial loss incurred to the third party (client or customers) due to its operations.

These liability claims can harm the brand value of the business and create a chain reaction to a path full of losses. Insurance policies such as Directors & Officers Insurance, Commercial General Liability Insurance, etc., can allow businesses to address liability claims.

Employee Benefit

Every company considers employees the greatest resource in their quest to be the best in the industry. As the amount of work done is directly affected by the employees’ health, both physical and mental, businesses look to ensure that their employees are well protected to offer their services in the most effective way possible.

Companies can invest in insurance policies such as Group Mediclaim,Group Personal Accident, Group Term Life Insurance, Group Health Insurance etc., to ensure their employees’ utmost well-being.


No business can operate without being affected by technology in one way or the other. With each passing day, businesses realize that they must embrace technology to achieve their management goals and increase their customer reach.

However, embracing technology comes with harmful exposure to cyber threats, resulting in substantial financial losses or third-party lawsuits. Insurance policies such as Cyber Risk Insurance Policy, Data Insurance Policy etc., can help businesses mitigate the negative factors that come with advanced technologies.

For industries and businesses, risks are inevitable. No business can operate without addressing risks and threats at almost every step they take to grow and succeed. Without any evident way to avoid risks altogether, the only successful way is to identify, address and manage them in the most efficient way. Classifying risks across industries and determining which insurance product can mitigate its adverse effects can help businesses focus on their core operations rather than spend time on tackling threats and risks. Consulting an insurance broker to help with a business’s insurance needs can prove crucial in buying ideal insurance policies to secure the company.

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