Travel Insurance – Why You Must Consider One?

Posted on Sep, 2019

It’s been a while that Mr. Mehta planned a vacation, this time he planned one with his friends for the ICC Cricket World Cup, England. They were having a lively time at Manchester while enjoying the recent semifinals of India vs New Zealand. Suddenly, to their surprise the weather turned gloomy, there were dark clouds hovering and within an hour the scene had changed. It was raining cats and dogs; the match had been called off for the day and postponed to the following day.

Mr.Mehta and team were taken aback by the unforeseen situation, they probably would need to reschedule or cancel flight tickets, make arrangements for their extended stay within the country, but who would bear that massive cost? They never had a provision for such an unpredicted situation.

A Travel insurance would have saved them here. There are five reasons why one should backpack a travel insurance too:
  • Flight Cancellations:

    With constant uncertainity, no matter how meticulous the plan is, there are innumerous instances when flights get canceled. Such instances are not only a jolt to the spectators but also wire out hefty amounts of money. During these times, travel authorities are sympathetic but there is no monetary realization. Travel insurance covers all such expenses incurred. Visit to know more.

  • Loss of Belongings:

    Suppose you have landed at the Heathrow airport, London for the finals of the world cup. To your surprise, you find out that your luggage is damaged, delayed or lost. Whom would you contact and who would pay for all other immediate expenses in a foreign territory? Travel insurance is what extricates you in tough times.

  • Medical Emergencies:

    Nobody can be assured of health at any point in time. In case of a medical emergency overseas, the cost of hospitalization is much higher compared to the average Indian medical expenses. Travel insurance assures you appropriate diagnosis and medical treatment during your trip.

  • Evacuations due to Political Unrest and Natural calamities:

    Many a times, political scenariosof a country are unpredictable. There can be situations when you need to evacuate the country prior to your departure. Ever thought who would pay for the instant bill? Travel insurance saves you from last-minute price hikes on airfares.

  • Mandatory Requirement:

    A couple of countries have made it mandatory for visitors to have travel insurance. You wouldn’t want to end up at the immigration counter being refused entry to the nation, would you? Many a times Visa’s gets rejected because of the absence of travel insurance document as no country wants to pile-up liabilities for the visitors.

    Travel insurance is not an expense, it’s an unrealized profit. Be firm on all your plans. For a hassle-free experienceforany future overseas travel, connect with us at and buy the best online travel insurance that serves your need.