What is Consumables Cover in Car Insurance?

Posted on Oct, 2020

Consumables refer to those materials of a car that once used would require a partial or complete replacement. Consumables are therefore things that must be regularly replaced or refilled due to constant wear and tear. Now that you know what consumables are, you need to understand that most of the motor insurance policy does not cover the cost of consumables. So, at the time of claims, you have to pay out of your pocket for the replacement of these consumables. To avoid such a situation, you can opt for a Consumables Cover in Motor Insurance.

A Consumables Cover is an add on cover in car insurance that pays for the cost of consumables required to be replaced or refilled in case of a car accident. By investing a little extra amount, you can ensure that your comprehensive car insurance policy covers your consumables as well and you save those extra maintenance costs.

Consumables add-on cover compensates the cost of replacing all kinds of lubricants and oils like brake oil, engine oil, power steering oil, radiator coolants, and air conditioner refrigerant. It also covers other vital items such as nuts, bolts, screws, washers, grease, filters etc.

Consumables Cover in Car Insurance

Exclusions of consumable cover

  • One should not be driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • One should not drive a private vehicle for a commercial purpose.
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown are not covered.
  • Regular wear and tear of consumable parts are not covered.
  • Delay in informing the insurance company will deny coverage.

As most regular car insurance policies do not cover the cost of consumables, a consumables add-on cover comes handy in catering to those extra expenses. In case you need assistance in selecting the right motor insurance policy, you can always reach out to us at PINC Insurance. PINC Insurance is your one-stop guide to all your insurance needs – from buying insurance to filing claims. Visit www.pincinsurance.com to connect with us and choose the insurance plan for you!