What Is PA Cover In Bike Insurance?

Posted on Mar, 2020
What Is PA Cover In Bike Insurance?
A motorcycle is one of the most common vehicles you will ever see in India, owing to the wide range of population who loves it. The reasons for owning one might be many – everyday travel, fortnightly rides or even just for the sake of having one. But one of the main reasons for owning this small sized vehicle is due to its popularity for cruising through traffic, making commuting better. As such, it is not only crucial for bike owners to invest in a good bike insurance policy, but also opt for the Personal accident or PA cover for two-wheeler. Here’s all you need to know about it.

A personal accident cover, simply referred to as a PA cover, is an insurance cover you can purchase with your bike insurance policy. The cover enables two-wheeler owners or their dependents to avail compensation in case an accident leads to any injuries or the unfortunate death of the owner of the two-wheeler. Bike insurance policyholders can also purchase an optional personal accident cover for pillion riders as well. Typically, one can get a maximum compensation amount of ₹100,000 in case of accidental injuries or death. Also, the policy covers individuals between the age group of 18 and 65 years.

The PA cover in bike insurance is generally provided as an add-on cover with bike insurance policies. Vehicle owners can purchase this cover by paying a nominal sum as premium and enhance their coverage in case of accidents.

Benefits of opting for Personal Accident cover with your bike insurance policy

The following are the key benefits of choosing the PA cover in two-wheeler insurance:

1. The family of the policyholder receives compensation for the accidental death

An unexpected or premature death of a family member can possibly plunge their family into grave financial problems. In such an event, a personal accident cover could offer some relief as the cover provides 100% of the total sum assured to the deceased policyholder’s family and could prevent them from falling into a financial crisis.

2. The policyholder receives disability compensation

In the case of severe accidents, the policyholder may be severely injured. The accident can also lead to partial, temporary or total disability. Such a situation can adversely impact the financial conditions of the policyholder and his family. In case of total disabilities endured by policyholders in an accident, they become eligible for 100% of the sum assured. The policy also compensates for certain temporary and partial, permanent disabilities, up to a certain, specific limit.

3. The policyholder becomes eligible for hospitalisation cash

Two-wheeler insurance PA cover also enables the injured policyholders to avail daily cash allowance, in case they are injured in road accidents and need hospitalisation. They can avail the hospitalisation cash allowance for up to 50 days of hospitalisation.
The PA cover in bike insurance is indeed a significant rider that all bike owners must consider purchasing. It is a type of rider that could protect you and your family against unexpected events that could possibly lead to disabilities or death of the policyholder. If you require information on what is PA cover in bike insurance, or assistance in buying it, you can always reach out to us at PINC Insurance.