Why post-sales experience is important in insurance.

Posted on Jan, 2021

Life comes with numerous eventualities, which can never be predicted in their immediate or long-term repercussions. Once the consequences start to unfold, the chain reaction can result in financial freight. Hence, insurance policies are considered to be the most vital addition to one’s financial planning as it can ensure a secure and burden-free financial future. Owing to the ever-increasing importance, the demand for insurance policies has risen by a tremendous margin, making the role of insurance brokers in catering to customers’ insurance needs more vital than ever.

The Ideal Post-Sales Experience

In the quest of attaining a secure financial future, buying an insurance policy is half the battle. What matters the most is how the customers are treated at the time of claim process and how soon does the claims get settled. As the insurance policy directly affects the lives of the customers and how their financial future would be, the post-sales behavior of the insurance provider is of vital importance.

The customer, before zeroing down on the insurer should look for the following things in attaining the ideal post-sales experience:

Claim Assistance:

Claim assistance makes or breaks the objectives you seek from your health insurance policy or any other insurance policy you have bought. The assistance could include activities that can offer a prompt and hassle-free payout to the policyholder while avoiding the scenario of rep-tapism.

Interpersonal relationships:

An insurance policy is not a product with a definite life cycle of saturation and decline, it is a continuous process that affects the actual well-being of a person. Once bought, the insurance plan must ensure the insurer’s continuous availability to cater to the needs of the policyholder and help them throughout their policy term. The key is to build trustworthy interpersonal relationships with the customer.

Customer Experience:

With the advent of digital technologies, customers are starting to use digital platforms along with the traditional offline channels. In order to offer the best possible customer experience, insurance providers should invest in a platform which is technologically backed, user friendly and hosts a range of online insurance products for people who are familiar with the digital spectrum. Such platforms, along with a robust offline experience, can allow a person to get instant quotes and buy the most ideal insurance policies in a matter of clicks.


Flexibility in terms of repayment options is very critical to the policyholders. Future eventualities can resist a policyholder’s capability to pay the premium as a lump sum amount. An ideal insurance policy would have a flexible insurance structure, allowing the policyholder to choose from a range of repayment options.

PINC Insurance: The ideal post-sale experience

Most of the insurance policies are similar in their features and objectives, the one factor that ensures the ultimate success of the policy is the post-sales experience. PINC Insurance is an insurance broker which, through its innovative and customer-centric post sales experience, strives to add value to the insurance process.

Having a proven successful record in claim assistance and settlement, PINC insurance provides a dedicated team to allow customers make informed decisions and choose the most suitable insurance policies. The insurance solutions are developed through extensive market analysis to offer customer-centric policies that focus on core benefits along with unparalleled post-sales experience. At PINC insurance, it is believed that dedicated assistance is an integral part of the insurance policy and should be provided in a way to benefit the policyholder in its every aspect.

When it comes to buying an insurance policy, one must carefully consider the entire claim process delivered by the insurance broker along with other affecting aspects. If you are looking for the most fitting insurance plans for yourself & your loved ones, you can end your search by visiting us at PINC Insurance.