Cyber Security Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Companies of all sizes and sectors are highly exposed to various cyber risks that are emanating due to heavy dependence and reliance on digital platforms and the Internet of Things (IoT). Despite adopting the best IT security practices, many organizations frequently experience breaches in their IT infrastructure which is a result of an increased level of sophistication in the cyber hacking tools. As digital domination increases, a company needs to ensure its data is protected against such malicious attacks.

We, at Pinc Insurance, provide our customers with the most effective cyber risk solutions on the grounds of our extensive research by the specialty team encompassing each and every sector across the globe.

Our customized cyber liability insurance solutions provide financial indemnification on comprehensive levels to protect you financially against any illegal activities using computer systems, computer networks, and the internet.

This policy covers:

Broadly, Cyber Liability Insurance provides coverage addressing third-party liability and first-party expenses likely to be incurred due to the cyberattack.
  • Liability Claims made against you:
    • Defence
    • Settlement costs for the liability of the insured arising out of a cyber attack
    • Denial of service claims
  • Business Interruption
    • Data restoration costs
    • Forensic costs
  • Crisis Management
    • Response costs following a data breach such as
    • Investigation
    • Public relations
    • Customer notification
    • Credit monitoring
    • Extortion rewards and payments
  • Regulatory Defence Costs and Fines & Penalties
    • The costs to investigate, defend, and settle fines and penalties that may be assessed by a regulator

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